A clean, modern style bathroom

The 3 Most Effective Spring Cleaning Tips

After a long winter indoors, it’s just about the time for cabin fever starts setting in. But before you know it, there’s that one day when the outside temperature reaches something closer to Spring than the usual Winter days you’ve been experiencing. The windows fly open and chilly, yet refreshing breezes fill your home and rid it from the stagnant stuffy winter air inhabiting your living spaces. It’s just about that time we take a look around and decide it’s Spring Cleaning time! In this article, we will go through the 3 top spring cleaning tips to make sure you have a nice, tidy home that’s ready to shine for the warm, sunny days ahead.

1. Break down cleaning into 10-20 minute intervals

Some people are blessed with an incredible ability to get into “the cleaning spirit” and lose themselves in the task of tidying up. For the rest of us, the big, deep clean that springtime brings can be quite the daunting task.

In order to make things easier for yourself, break your cleaning into small tasks that can be accomplished 10-20 minutes at a time. It’s much easier to re-organize the cupboard as you clean your after dinner dishes, or mop kitchen during a small midday break than it is to dedicate the entirety of a Sunday afternoon and evening to task you don’t necessarily enjoy. By breaking up your spring cleaning tasks in this way, you can easily accomplish the beautiful, clean house you desire while avoiding the enormous time sink that getting your home spring ready normally requires.

2. Create Your Own All Natural Cleaning Product

Another big obstacle when it comes to getting your home spring time ready is the spattering of chemical cleaning products that comes with it. Will you need to air out your kitchen after using harsh stove cleaners? Will you have to wear gloves as you clean bathroom, ensuring you switch to different ones to clean the next room? Let’s not forget about the issue of needing multiple cleaning clothes for your different surfaces as well. A quick and easy way to get around all these issues is to simply mix up your own all-purpose cleaning solution! A quick mix of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Dawn disk soap, and rubbing alcohol provides a nice, all surface cleaner that allows you to both power through the harsh build-up common to bathroom and kitchen areas and quickly spray off high touch surfaces. You can even add a few drops of peppermint, orange, or other essential oils to reward your hard work with a nice, fresh fragrance of clean. Take a look at the picture below for the recipe!

A bottle of homemade shower cleaner.
A quick, easy homemade cleaning mix can save you a multitude of time and frustration during your Spring Cleaning

3. Clean Your Bathroom, without the Disgust

One of the best home cleaning tips we have ever heard addresses one of the least pleasant areas of the home to clean: the bathroom. If you also flinch at the thought of giving your toilet some TLC this spring, try simply using a swivel head mop with a disposable pad (like this one) to take care of it! You can distance yourself from the grime and build-up around your toilet and bath areas, while still achieving the immaculate level of clean you desire when welcoming in the warmer months. This is especially helpful for house plans that contain multiple bathrooms (even more so if one of them is the “kids'” bathroom).

A clean, modern style bathroom
Achieving a nice, clean bathroom like this doesn’t have to be dreadful

What sort of cleaning rituals are a must for you as Springtime rolls around each year? Do you have any tips for Spring Cleaning that you have discovered by chance? Or, is there something “tried and true” that your family has passed down through the years?

Many people swear by cleaning your windows with newspaper to avoid streaking. Or, what about using coffee filters? These are the kinds of tips we’d love for you to share as we gear up for Spring and get our homes ready for warmer weather!    

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