basement foundation hole

The Big Dig: Digging a Home’s Foundation

Well, today’s the day we’ve been waiting for… they’ve dug the foundation! Not only does it look really deep standing at the edge looking down, but of all the foundation types to choose from when building a home, a basement foundation probably takes the longest, so patience is a must. Read more

falling rain

Dealing With Home Building Delays

Everything is set with the builder and the next step is digging the foundation, but the weather is bound to get bad. We couldn’t have predicted that any better even if we were weathermen! Our foundation is ready for digging for 4 days ago now, and since that day it has been raining cats and dogs. Read more

kitchen with dark brown flooring and cabinets

Selecting a Color Scheme & Finishes for our Home – Part 1

We chose the exterior color scheme at the same time we selected all of the finishes in the interior of our home. That was definitely an important day! One thing I decided to do prior to our meeting with the interior designer was spend more time in the builder’s spec home that we initially fell in love with. Read more