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10 Tips For A Smooth Moving Day

There are definitely some moving strategies that make each move a little smoother. This move was no different. These 10 items below really make the process of moving and unpacking so much smoother and I think you will find them very helpful. Continue reading and learn how to move into a new house with as little stress as possible! Read more

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Home Projects You Must Complete Before Moving In

After closing on a Thursday late in the afternoon the movers planned to move us the following morning, but Mother Nature had different plans. Unfortunately, moving day was postponed due to a tropical storm that made its way over the Midwest after moving inland over Texas a couple of days before. Read more

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10 Things To Do Before Closing On Your New Home

Long before closing, builders email a pre-closing review listing 10 items to be complete prior to closing day for things to go smoothly. This is very helpful for staying organized and completing everything well before the time-frame. The last thing anyone ever wants is an issue at the last minute causing issues at closing. Read more