Basement Foundation Forms In Place

Well, even though there’s been a decent amount of rain, things are looking up and nothing seems to be holding up the builder at this point and now the foundation forms are in place. And, I’m happy to say it reassure me to see them because before that I thought our home was almost too large for our lot.

concrete basement foundation forms

After digging the foundation, our lot looks quite small. Our house plan is narrow and deep. Deep lot house plans typically have a narrow look to their front façade and then they offer plenty of square footage with their depth. It seems our lot was plenty big, before the dig, but after we weren’t so sure!

Now, with the forms for pouring the concrete in place, I can easily see the outline of the home and the space back in our yard. It is definitely a smaller yard, but we’re OK with that. I enjoy gardening, planting flowers, and spending time outdoors in an outdoor living space, but we don’t want a ton of maintenance.

Where Did Our Lot Go?

Would you rather have a small yard, or a big yard? I once dreamt of a huge backyard, but all we want now is a yard large enough for the dogs to run around a bit and an area for us to dine outdoors, entertain, and grill. We like a flat lot, but we’re seeing that we may have more of a sloped backyard and we’re trying to figure out how to have a patio that will work and not be too expensive. I’ve never had a fenced yard, but our dogs are definitely going to be better off contained and it would make our lives much easier. After living in one of those duplex plans without any fence at all, the only way our dogs got outside and get some fresh air is with walks. The builder has assured us he will do everything in his power to get us a lot that is graded as smooth as possible; so putting in an attractive patio will be easier.

basement building forms

Patio Or Deck?

We opted to add a patio ourselves or a deck if that works work better than a patio. The builder is pleased we don’t want him to add that onto our home and make it his responsibility. Of course, if our lot is too sloped we could always use one of many deck plans out on the market like low patio deck plans and construct it ourselves. But, something tells me we have enough to think about once we move in and, so if we can hire a company to get a patio, or one of those multi-level deck plans it would be much easier!

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  • December 21, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    My husband and I are looking into having a home custom built for us. I like how you mentioned that the yard started to look larger once the foundation was poured. I can see why looking at the large hole in the ground might make the yard appear smaller. I understand that the foundation is one of the most important aspects of building your house. If we do decide to build, we’ll want to make sure we use good quality foundation forms.

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