Building An Energy Efficient Green Home

Many new and exciting things are happening at our home site. First, the drywall in every room of the house. Once in place, you basically have your home and things really come to life. However, there is other components things happening, too.

drywall in place to hang



Framing is complete, so insulation is next. I really appreciate our builder is using eco-friendly building materials. I’m conscious about waste and materials bad for the environment and I recycle, so I like hearing that green building products are a part of our home’s construction.


ecobatt insulation


Knauf EcoBatt Insulation is the insulation material of choice and I think it is a really interesting product. It’s an excellent insulation choice that is made primarily from sand, which is one of the world’s most abundant renewable resources. Some of EcoBatt’s insulation benefits include no phenol or artificial chemicals. It also reduces sound transmission, and it does not support microbial growth or mold. This insulation choice is such a great choice. I love this product as well as many other energy efficient green products in new house plans today. Not only does it save money and the environment, but keeps those who dwell there healthier.

low-e performance glass window

Green Window Options

Also, our new home uses Low-E Performance Glass, which means it has a low-emissivity (low-E) coating with microscopic layers composed of metal that add to the surface of a window keeping the heat on the same side of the glass from which it originates. This helps keep cooling costs down in the summer months. It’s a treat to hear we potentially have ways to save money here and there.

Green house designs incorporate energy saving construction techniques and often the homeowners building these types of house plans choose green products to complete their homes. I would say our home is built with standard construction techniques, but it’s very nice to know that eco-friendly building products and efficient appliances are included creating a more efficient home in the end.

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2 thoughts on “Building An Energy Efficient Green Home

  • June 17, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    It looks like your home is going really great! My wife and I are wanting to start building our home, but we have been struggling trying to figure out how to make it more energy efficient. It sounds like a lot of it comes from finding really good materials. Since the materials that you have are all green products, it sounds like they definitely aren’t harming the environment. Now I know what to look for as we continue with the building process. Thanks for sharing more about your supplies that you have been using!

    • June 17, 2015 at 6:58 pm

      I’m glad mentioning the building products has been helpful to you. I’ll continue to mention them as the building process goes along! I know for a fact that there are more green building products that will be used before we’re finished.

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