DIY Master Closet Decor Ideas

One of the most overlooked parts of modern interior design is closet space. In the excitement of getting your house to feel more like home, its easy to consider closets a simple “utility space” that serves no other purpose than to house your favorite clothing. But if you are anything like me, your master closet is going to be a invaluable part of your everyday life. Luckily, there are few closet design ideas you can take advantage of to drastically liven up your morning routine.

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest for decorating your master closet. I had a little wall space above my jewelry armoire in our master bedroom closet and I thought this would be fun and colorful. I just waited until there was a sale on frames at Michael’s and then bought some floating frames, but really any frame you like works. You might decide to get all the same size or mix up the sizes like I did.


Then, I selected some of my very favorite shopping bags. We always have plenty of leftover shopping bags that I hold onto if someone needs a bag for any reason, so I had plenty to choose from. Just be sure it isn’t too wrinkly or torn. 

Next, in order for the frame to shut, I cut off some of the bag especially the thickest part. Once I was able to get the frame shut and the bag was level I hung them up. You will want to be sure to pick bags that show off your personality and add a strong aesthetic dimension to the space. When it comes to interior design styles, using bold, contrasting accent colors against neutral colored walls has always been a personal favorite of mine. Its one of those little tricks that lets you add a huge amount of warmth and livelyhood to your space without spending a great deal of time, money, or effort on making it happen.

Various shopping bags inside picture frames in a closet.
Using a variety of styles and colors in your bag selection adds flair and personality to your closet space

When it comes to wall decor ideas, this may be one of my personal favorites! A fun afternoon and less than $50 later I have a great addition to my closet space that is volumes better than the simple blank wall that was there before.

As you can see, decorating walls with designer shopping bags is a fun and inexpensive way to add a little pizazz to your closet! Its especially effective for the more open closet designs that are typically accompany suite-style master bedrooms. If you decide to do this project, send some photos so I can see how it turned out!