Making Home Exterior Color Choices & More

At the house we see the inner workings coming together. The plumbing pipes and electrical wiring are added. All of the electrical wiring is in place.home electrical wiring

It’s also so interesting to see the control panel and circuit breakers in the basement.

furnace and electrical breaker box

It appears the inner workings in the walls of our house design are coming together nicely and everything is done so neatly. The vents are all in between the framing so the basement can have the highest possible ceilings.

home exterior with stone delivery

On the outside, the stone is ready. Now, the fun is beginning to start! Selecting exterior materials for your home is a bit daunting. In fact, Craftsman house plans like ours often feature four or more different exterior materials: a type of stone, a horizontal siding, a vertical siding, and shingle style siding. Another popular option is board and batten which is popular now with Modern Farmhouse style homes. Making all of those materials and color choices appear cohesive is a real challenge. I’m excited to see it coming together to form the exterior shell of our new home and a first impression.

Never Too Many Ideas

In the meantime, I’m gathering great curb appeal ideas that make our home really stand out on the block. Subdued colors and a neutral color palette is timeless, so I feel planters and other decorative additions like a porch chair will add that pop of color that is alway welcome. Year to year the neutral exterior will weather color trends and remain timeless. Trends come and go so hopefully our color choices stand the test of time and make our home appealing when we eventually sell it. It is wise to think of resell value when selecting features and amenities, too.

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