How To Care For New Sod

It’s always a very good day when the sod is going to be put in! No longer will we be worrying about muddy paw prints on our wood floors when the dogs come in, and it just makes new home designs look complete and settled in. Something tells me this time of year is a busy one for sod companies since everyone builds through the summer months. Although summer is a great time for building new house designs, it’s also a tough time for a homeowner to deal with new sod.

new sod

After the sod was rolled out and cut to fit our lot, the company used an oversized hose to water the sod really thoroughly. They basically watered it to the point of the ground feeling a bit spongy. That’s smart because with the warm summer days, that new sod will tend to dry out before you know it.

The most important thing we can do for our new sod is to keep it watered thoroughly for the first couple of weeks. This means watering the lawn anywhere from 3-5 times a day. I know it sounds like a lot, but doing this early on will definitely help your lawn take root faster and better. During this time, try to stay off the new sod since it will be so wet and the ground underneath so soft.

After a couple of weeks of major watering, then it’s time to try to taper it back a little. Start off still watering 1-3 times per day, but try to skip a day or two each week. Don’t let more than a day go by without watering though, especially if it’s the summer months. New sod is a bit tedious, but well worth it in the long run.

Keep in mind; the first 6 months are the most crucial for your new lawn. As time passes, it will need less water overall, so no worries that your water bill will remain this high forever. But, it’s okay after a few months to stress your sod out a little and let it dry out. Then, of course, put the sprinklers back on and make sure you don’t let too much time pass with the grass dry. And, I’m sure you’ll identify during the first few months the areas of your yard that dry out the quickest. Those will need a little extra TLC early on.

They say the new sod shouldn’t be mowed until the end of the second week at the very soonest and many people recommend waiting if the grass hasn’t grown any taller than 3 ½”. So, for the time being, we can relax and be thankful the mowing hasn’t begun!

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  • August 26, 2017 at 4:02 am

    This is some really good information about new sod. The home I just bought doesn’t have any grass. It does seem like a good idea for me to try sod. So, I am glad that you pointed out that you should water it about 3 to 5 times a day.

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