Tips For Buying A Grill

Many think of summer as prime barbecue time, but in many ways, it is the least favorable time to grill. Why, you say? Well, when the temps are already too hot to bear, who wants to hang out over the grill? It can be the least desirable spot when the temps are sky-high and humidity already unbearable. With that being said, I think fall is the best time to grill. With the weather much more cooperative, a little warmth from the grill is welcomed as the cool fall air moves in. And, fall is the perfect time to shop for a grill, too. The summer rush is gone and the stores are gearing up to fill their aisles with holiday decorations and winter supplies. So, buying a grill at this time of the year can offer a huge savings. But, what do you need to know before you buy?

new grill

grilled steakWell, in our case, my husband can cook a mean steak and it’s the most requested menu item when people come over for dinner to our house. So, I left the grill choice up to him. The two most common grill types are charcoal or gas, although there is such thing as an electric grill. Electric grills work well if you have an outlet to plug into, or an apartment balcony where other types of grills may not be allowed, but you still want to be able to grill in some way. But, since we have a new patio, we’re opting for a gas grill. Believe it or not, gas grills overall are cheaper than charcoal because gas is less expensive per use than charcoal. They’re easy to light and offer a more steady temperature that’s a bit easier to gauge. Plus, gas burns cleaner than charcoal, and I’m all for better air quality. And, typically a propane gas tank holds nine hours worth of gas for cooking, so that’s plenty of grill time before it’ll run out. But it’s always a good idea to keep an extra tank on-hand because it’s a sure bet it’ll run out right in the middle of cooking especially when you have guests! Even before we moved into our new house, we loved to entertain family and friends, so we’re excited now that we’re settled in to be able to entertain and grill. If you love to grill, think about looking at house plans with patios. House plans with a patio or terrace offer convenience if you love to grill and entertain outdoors. Pay attention to the new house plans you look at and make sure that the layout is conducive to cooking and entertaining indoors and out with ease. Our kitchen and breakfast room are just steps away from the grill outside on our patio, which makes it enjoyable and hardly a chore to grill. An easy flow from the outdoor space of our home to the indoor was important to us, so look for floor plans that offer the perfect design for your lifestyle. We really enjoy being able to quickly step outside and enjoy our yard and patio, so our floor plan and flat lot were ideal for our lifestyle.

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When it comes to gas grills, there’s a huge assortment when it comes to price. We spent what I consider to be a decent amount on our grill, but it really wasn’t price that was the concern. My husband wanted a grill that had the burners closest together, since he finds that he gets the best results with grilling when the burners are spaced close. He found that with the grill we purchased. So, far he’s been thrilled with the results. Because we don’t have one of those house plans with an outdoor kitchen or covered patio, we felt a grill cover was a necessity for keeping the grill looking its best and lasting much longer. Before buying a grill, think about how you’ll use it and what you enjoy cooking on it. When I was a kid, I always loved charcoal grills because the smell reminded me of my grandparent’s lake house and all of the lake house designs on their street used charcoal grills. The smell and taste of food grilled on a charcoal grill takes me back to those summer lake house memories. But, now that I’m older I appreciate how easy a gas grill is for cooking and love its consistency.

So, what type of grill do you prefer? What would your dream grill be like?

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