Tips For Your Home’s Final Walk-Through

Our walk-through day is here and we meet the builder at our house. The entire interior is now clean and the floors gleaming. They look gorgeous!

fireplace in great room

As we talk to our builder before going from room to room, he presents us with a binder of information about the area, appliance information, and warranty cards to fill out. Our builder extends a 1-year warranty for the entire home if anything needs to be taken care of, or fixed. The builder has a portal online to log issues. Unlike a pre-existing home you buy, new house designs make it hard to know if things are in perfect working order. So, it’s nice to know there is a back-up if problems arise.

bathroom shower paint to fix

Inside First

We start at the front of the home and our builder uses removable labels. If we see anything, he marks it with a sticker. He is very particular throughout the entire process, so he is sticking stickers where we didn’t even notice anything. Mainly there is minor paint issues. He is aware that our fireplace’s fan is running, so he mentions it will be fixed in the next few days. We see our granite and appliances in our kitchen for the first time, which is very exciting. Next, we check the appliances for scratches and dents especially since stainless steel can really be quite obvious if there’s an imperfection or dent.

checking sink at new home walk-through

Next, we check the sinks in the bathrooms and flush the toilets. We switch on the lights in every room and make sure the garbage disposal works. The builder ran the dishwasher earlier so, at walk-through, it already ran through a cycle and showed it was complete.

granite and appliances installed in kitchen

The builder also supplies us with markers matching our flooring and cabinets so if we dents or scratches appear in the future, we can fix it ourselves. He explains our wood floors look their best if we use damp and dry cloths to clean. No chemicals, only water. Our granite countertops are sealed, but he suggests we continue to do it every year. He also suggests sealing our driveway to make it last longer. I appreciate the cleaning tips especially with the wood floors because I may have used some sort of household cleaner on them.

Last, Expect The Outside

granite countertop

We look at the exterior with the same amount of detail and I’m happy to report everything looks great. Last, we check the basement, the sump pump, and the circuit box, which already has neat labels for us. It is a successful walk-through, and they will fix the little minor flaws and the entire home will be clean before we get the keys at closing.

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