Flooring And Cabinet Choices To Consider

I want to see the color of the floors we picked along with the cabinets since the first day we chose them for our home. Originally, I wanted the dark chocolate brown cabinets and flooring you see so often on Pinterest and other places, but our flooring color selections for hardwood floors kept me from finding the perfect color without making two more upgrades. The price of our flooring doubles to get the color you see here in the photos. Although I would’ve liked the plank size a bit wider, this flooring is gorgeous.

brown wood floor colorThe outcome is wonderful and if there is any place you shouldn’t skimp, I believe it should be your flooring, especially since our hardwood floors cover probably 80% of our home and all of the main living spaces. In fact, I’m so glad I didn’t go as dark as I wanted to in the beginning because it shows some contrast with our furniture which is a little darker than the flooring, plus that very dark color shows dust much more. These floors were a must for us since we have dogs and knew it would mean less maintenance. Plus, the durability of hardwood floors as well as their beauty makes it worth the investment.

installing wood flooring

Getting The Look You Want

I was bit nervous that our cabinets were not going to match as well as I wanted. After all, we have one of those house plans with open floor plans and so the colors used in our kitchen are seen from our great room and other spaces. I wanted a polished and seamless look to all of the spaces. I somehow convinced myself that they weren’t going to look nice enough and I was going to have to have them refinished to a better color. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised! The color is very attractive and looks fantastic with the flooring. I know the rage right now is interiors with lots of gray and wood finished in gray tones, but we have had established homes in the past, and our furnishings tend to steer toward beiges and neutral colors, so changing our color palette now would get extremely costly because it would mean new furnishings.

kitchen cabinets

cabinets with crown molding

More Upgrades?

We didn’t do was any major upgrades with the cabinets, except we did want the 42” cabinets, and I’m glad we did. We also upgraded to have crown molding added to the top. You can see above the difference with and without molding.

I think it adds a more finished look. Our philosophy was quality over quantity with our home. Although our home isn’t huge in size, we wanted the finishes to be nice. And, although you probably wouldn’t say our house is one of those house plans with ultimate kitchen floor plans, it certainly has enough luxury for us. Large, oversized cabinets, granite countertops and attractive appliances will make our kitchen efficient and attractive at the same time.

cabinet and floor colorWe also kept the bathroom cabinets the same throughout our home and we went with the adult height. I’m very pleased with the look so far. And, once we move in, we plan to add hardware. We’ve already picked out cabinet hardware from Lowe’s. That will bring the entire look together and give our cabinets an even more upgraded feel.

bathroom cabinets