Great Painting Tips For Your New Home

First tip – have the builder paint the walls because at our last home did not paint them ourselves and well, guess what? They just never got painted! We have colorful furniture and décor, so it isn’t much of an issue, but think long and hard if you want the builder to do the initial paint job, or wait. Looking back, I suggest having the builder do the job. It will be professional and well done from start to finish and unless you are a professional painter it will make moving in easier.

interior painting

Choosing A Color

We love the color of the walls in the spec home. The paint color is Macadamia by Sherwin Williams and it is a neutral color that looks great everywhere. Adding a paint color other than white usually costs extra. And, if you want the ceiling white and the walls a different color; then it costs additional. Since this is one of those house plans with a vaulted ceiling, we want the paint color on the walls. It’s just one less thing on our ever-growing to-do list after we move in.

painting the great roomWe want white ceilings and baseboards, so the painters did an initial coat of color. Then the ceiling is painted white. Then, it is painted again to the edges and baseboards so the paint is crisp and clean looking where the colors met. Another great thing about our builder is his choice to use only Low VOC paint. This product has reduced volatile organic compounds that can cause a variety of health issues including skin irritations and respiratory problems. It’s just another way our indoor environment materials can help create a better, healthier home.

finished painted room

Is Low VOC paint something you want in your new home, or next time you paint a room in your home?

What green materials are the most important to you?