Great Floor Plans for Entertaining & Guests

Most of the year, we entertain smaller groups of family or friends, so Craftsman house plans like ours in a fairly modest size do the job just fine. But, now that the holidays are quickly approaching, we realize the good and bad things about a smaller-sized home and what type of floor plans are best suited for those with frequent guests and those who entertain many people often.

house plan with split bedrooms

One thing our floor plan has going for it is its split bedroom design. Split bedroom house plans keep the master suite private and are designed with it placed in a different location than the other bedrooms. This is a popular style for many homeowners. We like it because if we have guests, we both have our own privacy. If you have teenagers, then everyone will appreciate their own space.

small, but open floor plan

House plans with both formal and informal dining areas, or house plans with open floor plans are also very popular for different reason. Having a home with both formal and informal dining areas may allow for more intimate dining situations, perhaps with the adults in the formal setting and the kids in the casual one. Instead of the moms and dads constantly tending to the kids at the same table, create the popular “kid’s table,’ and let them fend for themselves for the meal. Most often the older kids chip in and help the little ones handle their utensils and cut their food. It will make everyone’s dining experience more enjoyable. I also mentioned house plans with open floor plans. This style is becoming increasingly popular. This style of this home design typically has one large space where dining, cooking and relaxing all take place. It’s a great layout for keeping the chef of the family in the loop to all of the fun going on, and when everyone will definitely feel more together. We have a bit of a combination. Our floor plan is open, but we also have a formal dining area as well as a more casual one closer to the kitchen snqin7t. It allows us to seat more people, which is great with our growing family get-togethers. It’s really important when looking at house plans to pay attention to the amount of space you’ll have when entertaining. We are fairly certain as the children marry and have children of their own, we will most definitely have to finish our basement for a larger gathering space that can handle bigger crowds.

house plan with a guest house

A couple of other home options I want to mention are home designs with guesthouses, free-standing apartment garage plans, and multi-family plans. All three of these really take privacy when housing guests to a different level. Most home designs with a guest house are high-end luxury homes, often very large in size. So, why is a guesthouse needed then? Well, it’s a great way to offer guests plenty of privacy away from the noise of the main home. If you’re in the market for a luxury home, consider a home with a guest house. Family and friends will be glad you did!

apartment garage plan

Apartment garage plans have really come a long way in recent years and are definitely growing in popularity as the general population continues to age and multi-generational housing options are becoming more popular. An apartment garage is great also for the live-in college student. Typically, these dwellings provide small studio type apartments above the garage, perfect for a private little place to live.

If you want to be close to family and friends, but want everyone to have their own designated space, then maybe a multi-family plan is the right choice. Think of it as two separate houses that share one wall. Everyone is still in close proximity, which is great for checking on family, but each family member has their own residence and quiet place. It’s quite possibly the best of both worlds!

multi-family home design

As family and friends descend on your usually ideal-sized home, think about how your future home could better handle all of those frequently visiting relatives with some of these different housing choices. And, what style of these would you choose?

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