Home Design Is Under Roof And Windows Added

Now that the roof is covering up most of the interior spaces in the home, I feel good that the weather and especially rain won’t affect the inside completion of our home. No one wants to imagine their being filled with a heavy rain!

finishing roof

One thing that pleases us is how clean and safe the interior of our home’s construction has been all throughout the building process so far. We are safe when we visit and appreciate not seeing trash, soda cans, or whatever else lying all around outside.

framed kitchen and living room

Also, adding a third window in the great room bring sin much more light. Our last home was one of those duplex plans on a golf course and it had a two-story great room with tons of windows. I always like house plans with open floor plans and many windows. So, adding an extra window is something I think is necessary for a bright interior. I also really like house plans with vaulted ceilings. Adding a vaulted ceiling along with additional windows creates an open feeling unlike any other. That extra space and added sunlight create a calming atmosphere.

detail of framed entry and vaulted ceiling

Backyard Ideas

We’re also getting excited picturing how we’ll design our backyard. We chose not to have the builder complete the patio on the back. This isn’t because we thought they wouldn’t do a good job, but we weren’t really sure what we wanted it to look like, or how big we wanted it to be. I’ve been looking at patio and deck company websites trying to get some ideas, especially with our sloping lot. And, whenever I see a lot with a similar grade and it has an attractive patio or deck I take a picture. So, once we are a bit further along we can ask some companies to meet us there and get a feel for what would be best for us.

I’d love to see some ideas for a sloping yard that includes a patio rather than a deck. I think once we see the perfect idea, the patio idea will be set!

Looking for more great ideas for your home or outdoor living areas? Check out House Plans and More on Pinterest for tons of inspiration!

front of home under roof

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