House Framing Goes Fast When Building

This is the time in the homebuilding process where things take shape very quickly. This definitely is the most fun time during the building process so because every single day it seems that a new part of our home is created. In a matter of a week, the home is almost entirely under roof. framed houseIt is so exciting to see everything come together and truly come to life! Big transformations occur overnight.

Taking Shape

Today, there’s an actual house! Not just pieces of wood and nondescript building materials on a job site and on a lot, but an actual front facade with a roof. The trusses and windows are all in place. It is really flying right along now. Each day makes a big difference it seems at this stage of the build. Plus, with the weather nice, it is fun to drive there after work and see the progress from day to day. We can also see other houses near our house and if there’s any other construction.

framing and sunshine

And, as soon as the home is under roof, there is really not much chance of weather delays. So, what a difference a week makes!

closeup of house framing

Next, roofing materials are added. You can choose from many types of roofing materials, but with Craftsman style house designs like our home, a standard architectural shingle is attractive and cost effective. The next addition during the building process is seeing the shingles in place! Architectural shingles have a nice three-dimensional look to them making them appear a bit more custom that standard asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles are a bit higher grade, so they are a little more costly, but they add tremendous curb appeal to the exterior of a new home.

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