Tips For a Safe and Fun Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays both kids and adults really look forward to. It’s a spirited time that can be a lot of fun for everyone. But, with all things that are fun comes some risk, so I created a list of things to remember and do this Halloween so it’s safe and fun for everyone.

Halloween mantle with battery candles

Use battery powered candles – The doorbell will be ringing nonstop and the pets barking up a storm. The chaos can be great with the kids ingesting so much sugar and excited about their costumes and everything else going on. It’s always nice to light candles this time of year and the flicker of a candle can make for a spooky backdrop when trick or treaters arrive at the door. So, use battery powered candles. The ones in these pumpkin votives were bought at the dollar store and flicker with a realistic look. Better safe than sorry when you don’t have time to watch burning candles in the house.

Keep pets indoors – You always hear those awful stories of pranks gone wrong on days like Halloween. Evil-doers lurk in every neighborhood wreaking havoc on homes, cars and even pets. There’s no need to have your dog in a vulnerable place. Even innocent pranks gone wrong could have your pet injured or let free. Keep Fido indoors where he’s safe and if the doorbell ringing nonstop has your pet worked up, then put them in a room away from all of the commotion so they don’t attempt to run out the door when it’s opened.

Halloween tablescape

Get personal – We only know a few neighbors since building one of those Craftsman home designs that are getting popular in our area. Choosing a neighborhood can be tricky, but we’re happy so far with the neighbors we have met. Since we’re just meeting our new neighbors, we decided to hand out boxes with a To: and a From: on them. This way when the kids get home they will be certain they know where the goodies came from. This can also work with a sticker placed on the candy bar itself stating who handed the treat out. You know parents will be relieved to see a neighbor’s name and that you’re looking out for their kids.

Light up your life – Whether it’s flashlights, glow in the dark necklaces, or reflector tape, find a way to add something to your child’s costume that allows them to be seen easier. But, try to use the ideas above to enhance the costume not detract from it! If you’re an alien, use reflector tape and wrap it around antennas, or use glow in the dark necklaces as hair accessories or around each arm and both legs. Have fun with this safety element and stand out in the crowd!

Fall outdoor decor

Clear a Path – This time of year, leaves pile up so be sure your path to the front door is neat and tidy especially if it rains. Leaves are slippery and the last thing you want is anyone falling or slipping. Make sure that your front area is well lit, and completely free of debris of any kind.

Candy for Everyone? – Keep your candy bowls easily accessible so you don’t have to step too far away when trick or treaters bang on your door. Parents will not feel comfortable if their child enters your home to get candy from you. Even better, set-up shop outside and get the fire pit going and make it an event to hand out candy. Also, don’t make the mistake of having your candy bowl on a coffee table or some place where pets or small children can get into it. Chocolate is deadly to dogs and many candies can be choking hazards to small children.

Common sense will take you far on Halloween, so stick together, stay safe and keep those you love out of harms way so your day and night are filled with ghoulish fun!

foyer decor and Halloween candy

candy bowl on low table

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