Home Projects You Must Complete Before Moving In

After closing on a Thursday late in the afternoon the movers planned to move us the following morning, but Mother Nature had different plans. Unfortunately, moving day was postponed due to a tropical storm that made its way over the Midwest after moving inland over Texas a couple of days before.

First Things First

After several inches of rain the day of closing, the forecast is 100% chance of rain for moving day. Moving day is now the following Monday since the weekend days is booked. At first, this sudden change of plans was a bit scary, but I recommend not moving into your house the day after closing if possible. We have a decent list of things to do right away and if all of the boxes are in the house, I’m not sure we can get these items checked off the to do list. It definitely made it easier having these tasks complete before the actual move.

Lowe's white cabinetslaundry room cabinetsInstall Storage

First, buy cabinets at Lowe’s and install them in the laundry room above the washer and dryer, or add another storage method. There are so many great ideas on our Pinterest Boards! Feel free to add extra shelving to the laundry room coat closet. Add deep sturdy shelves where we can store all of those kitchen appliances that aren’t used very often to half of the closet if you need extra kitchen storage space, and you don’t want it in the basement. Everything from the Kitchen aid mixer and Instapot to the slow cooker and air fryer fit perfectly in this space and is just steps from the kitchen when needed. If your new home’s kitchen actually has less cabinet space than your previous home’s kitchen layout, add shelving down one side of the closet.

appliance storage shelves

Install Even More Storage

When it comes to the laundry room coat closet, there’s still well over 3 feet of space for coats, etc. and that’s plenty for us. Then, keep a rolling garment rack in the basement for overflow coats. Swap out coats and jackets as needed throughout the year.

closet shelving installed

Then, add ClosetMaid shelving to the master bedroom closet. Our new home isn’t huge, but one thing we love is, the master suite accommodations are quite roomy and spacious. The bedroom is plenty roomy, the bath is a nice size, and the floor plan includes a huge walk-in closet practically the size of a small bedroom. Ask the builder to hang the one row of closet rod/shelf higher than usual, then add another row and also line the back wall with shelves floor to ceiling. My husband and his brother were meticulous about completing the closet and now it’s just ready to fill in with all of our stuff. It will be exciting to finally have all of our clothes in one closet and not scattered in various closets around the house.

extra ClosetMaid shelving in master closet

Add Storage To Garage

Put together a storage cabinet for the garage. Unpack garage items like tools and put away so you can find them. Have tools and other similar items accessible right away. The days following a move have many surprises and tools help with all types of new home projects.

Add Privacy

Install blinds or other window treatments in your bedroom and the guest rooms. Or, install just a basic blind until you determine what you want style-wise for window treatments when you decorate. Lowe’s has easy-to-lift blinds and they cut them to fit your windows. They are completely room darkening which is wonderful, but makes me worry that I’ll oversleep in the mornings.

installed mailbox

Add A Mailbox

New home designs like ours that are in an actual residential development I feel should include mailboxes. I think consistent mailbox styles throughout a residential area looks better than each and every mailbox being different from one another. Lowe’s, Sears Hardware, Menards and The Home Depot all have popular options. Our builder said best selection is online. Our mailbox is from The Home Depot and we like its style. It has a nice matte black finish and a simple style free of ornate wrought iron like many black mailboxes have. It goes nicely with Craftsman style house plans like our home’s style.

With all the additional storage, unpack the boxes and fill the shelves. I think you’ll be ready!